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DeRep is a school report writing tool. It is the first of its kind and marks a huge leap forwards for services aimed at assisting teachers in the creation of school reports. The powerful algorithms at the heart of DeRep which generate each report are collectively known as AtriMark. AtriMark is capable of creating grammatically correct coherent sentences for a pupils school report. DeRep® and AtriMark® are registered trademarks owned by DeRep. Patent pending.
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School report writing with DeRep: Teachers quickly grade a student on a range of attributes using a 0 to 10 scale and DeRep instantaneously creates the base of the report - completely! This leaves the teacher free to spend time appending any special remarks that are needed.

Each student receives a unique, specifically tailored report - and the whole of the report writing work is completed by the teacher in a time which could have only been dreamed of before! The finished reports are copied or downloaded as required.
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