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automation Combine intelligent automation with personal comments
At the core of DeRep lives Atrimark. Atrimark enables fast and efficient base report generation by grading a student against a list of chosen attributes. This leaves you to focus on those sections of the report that will always be specific to your student and can only come from your unique insight.

cuttothechase Designed so you can get on with the important tasks
All of DeRep's features were designed to enable you to shift your focus to the tasks that matter. For example, after having imported your class, the system will ensure that the right pronoun is always used according to the student's gender - one less thing for you to worry about. Discover even more of those features once you start using DeRep.
sharing Organise your own comments and share with colleagues
You don't have to battle with word documents anymore. You can simply store all of your personal comments within DeRep which can then be used in the base report generation. You can share content with chosen teachers to expand your personal comment bank with sources you trust.

accessible Accessible from anywhere, all you need is the internet
DeRep does not require you to download anything onto your computer. You can log into your DeRep account from wherever you are and carry on generating reports when you have a couple of minutes. Everything will be saved as you go and the next time you log in, from whatever device, you can carry on from where you left off.
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Yearly fee £12*
*(this is paid after you have used the system for a full year)
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