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DeRep is a school report writing tool. It is the first of its kind and marks a huge leap forwards for services aimed at assisting teachers in the creation of school reports. The powerful algorithms at the heart of DeRep which generate each report are collectively known as AtriMark. AtriMark is capable of creating grammatically correct coherent sentences for a pupils school report. DeRep® and AtriMark® are registered trademarks owned by DeRep. Patent pending.
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Your school’s pupils’ reports to parents

DeRep provides a ground-breaking reduction in workload for teachers, data managers and administration staff in the management, writing and proofing of school’s pupils’ reports to parents. DeRep is a web based program, operating either as an MIS partner or a stand-alone service.
Testimonial from a principle of a school assessed as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted: “DeRep is the biggest single step forward in education that I have seen throughout my career.”

1 - Teachers write all reports in under 30 minutes

For all of their classes! This comes with an improvement in unique, pupil-specific text, in motivational content, in parent-involving content and with faultless spelling and grammar.

2 - Parents and pupils see faultless, unique and motivational school reports

Each subject’s report includes:
· Full commenting on generic and character based attributes.
· Student-specific remarks.
· Subject-specific ‘Mastery Statements’ (assessment without levels).

3 - No installation required

Because DeRep is a web based service there is zero overhead cost with regard to program installation or ongoing maintenance and updates.

4 - School administrators have control

DeRep can be customised by administrators to create as streamlined an experience as possible for both teachers and administrators.
Depending upon the options selected by senior school staff, the need to proof-read pupil reports can be completely removed or reduced to a fraction of the previous requirement.
Each teacher is automatically emailed with the classes to write pupil’s reports for and a link to the school’s DeRep log-in. For any teachers who's reports are not completed, automatic reminder emails and/or texts are sent as deadlines approach.

5 - Free support

Free DeRep support is available through a hotline (national call rates apply) which can be called by both teachers and administrators, ensuring easy and efficient progress.

6 - MIS integration

MIS integration means that at the click of a button:
· All teachers are imported into DeRep in less than 60 seconds.
· All classes are imported in less than 15 minutes.

7 - Control the format

Schools upload pupils reports to their MIS as normal. However, an alternative is now available for the issuing of pupil’s reports to their parents: DeRep provides an option for schools to format their own report template using whatever logos, fonts and graphics they choose. The template is uploaded to DeRep and then a zip file containing all the completed reports is downloaded by the school and can be printed out as normal.

8 - A host of other features and benefits

The school’s administrators and data managers will be absolutely delighted with the range of facilities and options provided which create flexibility and control over every aspect they can imagine, and perhaps some they can’t. Requests for new program features are usually carried out free of charge with DeRep developers interacting dynamically with school principles and administrators.

Want to know more?

There is no obligation upon the school or its administrators following an enquiry to DeRep.
The only obligation is DeRep’s – to prove that the breakthrough is real.
Principles, heads, teachers, administrators – please don’t hesitate to call.
Telephone: 07HNPjg3372p0 6KG0cJ7o3I78 zUVERu1tpkD050 (standard national rates apply) or email: conePg5tat9cMyWigChCt-useB4NmA@dvYCeCEcuOFyawreUKpj5PNu2iqSW.hnJnet
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